Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Toy

My FIL is quite handy with Cameras, so for Christmas I had told him that I would love to have some different lens filters for my Cannon Rebel. I don't really know much about the filters, other than seeing them in the store and thinking how cool I thought they were. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I got an early gift. My MIL went ahead and gave me a filter that makes lights look like stars (not sure if that explains it very well). I thought that I would post a couple of pictures to show you.. pretty neat.

This picture is without the filter of my Christmas tree:

And here is the same shot, with the filter:

And just for fun... here is our Christmas Countdown Ornament(with the filter).
He's just so cute:

I can't wait to see if I open any other filters on Christmas.... I love taking pictures.

Merry Christmas

Christmas, Christmas time is here...

Well.... the stockings are hung and the tree is trimmed... All of the presents are bought and only two to go and all of the wrapping will be complete! The gingerbread house is framed.. but not decorated (hopefully tonight), and a few other sweet items still need to be made. As I breathe a BIG sigh of relief... I think I'm done! To day is my last day at work, and as of 5:00 pm this afternoon I will officially be a Christmas Vacationer.

I know that everyone is busy this time of year, but just take a moment and look around you at family and friends..... that's the real Christmas Spirit!

Merry Christmas to all!