Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's Make It Monday...... Baby Closet Sizers

Wow.. what a crazy week it's been 
(oops, sorry Last Week was the crazy week)

Lots going on and NO blog posts  : (
Maybe I'll try to make up for it this week.

Now ON to Let's Make it Monday!

I've looked and looked for Closet Sizers for the baby's closet, but could not find them anywhere.  And of course, the Hubs said to just take one each time I buy the baby something, and that I would have enough in about a week or so....  

HA!  Not funny!!!  No stealing for Preggers!!!

So, of course, I decided to make them.  
Why Buy when you can Make!  
And I will say that they turned out pretty good. (My Mom liked them too, but I think she's partial)

Here is my finished Sizers:
Pretty Cute... Huh!

They weren't hard to make, and I used my Scrapbook Supplies, so the cost was minimal.  
Wanna see how I made them?  
Here ya go:

First, I used my Cricut to Cut out a Tag Shape.

Next, I used my High Tech ruler and water bottle lid to make my cut out lines for the hole and opening.

Next, I cut out the Hole and Opening:

I had these cute little number stickers, I probably could have done more Sizers, but I thought this would be enough:

I took the sizers to Office Depot and had them laminated, not very costly:

And After Cutting them out of the Laminate Sheets, here are the finished product:

Pretty Great, and will be very handy when looking for the right size...

Happy Monday, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 17, 2012

What I Found Friday... Vinyl Tree

Happy Friday!

Another work week (almost) DONE!  

So a few weeks ago I shared with you guys a Vinyl Tree that I had found online.  We were looking for something to decorate the Baby's room with...
here is a picture of the Vinyl Tree:

If you would like to see the entire post, it's here:  Original Vinyl Tree Blog Post

I do have to say it was pretty easy to put up.  I ordered Brown because the wall I was putting it on is Hunter Green (reminder this WAS my husbands hunting room, and I was NOT... NOT wanting to repaint).  

However, dark wall, dark vinyl....  eh...  it's OK.  
(hoping it doesn't scare the baby)

The tree is actually not very noticeable when you walk in to the room, and nothing is going to be as stunning as the tree in the picture above.  

Here is my tree:
Sorry for the camera angle, but there was such a glare on the Vinyl with my Camera Flash.
So it's a little hard to see, but I'm hoping that after we get a couple of pictures on the frames it will stand out a little more.  I did go ahead and add Baby's Initials to one of the frames...  

Pink'in up the Hunting Room!

Thanks for checking out the progress!  
Have a wonderful Crafty weekend,
See you on Monday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random Wednesday... Are U Happy?

Yes... I'm sure you know....

August is National
'Admit Your Happy Month'

Come on everyone.... you can do it!!!  Repeat after me, ' I am Happy, I am Happy'. 
Good!  Now don't you feel better!  ; )

As for me...  I am VERY Happy!

Recently, a friend of my In-laws had a tragedy happen to their family.  And even though I didn't know them personally, my heart just broke for them.  And selfishly, as we all do, I looked to my own family and thought... I'm so glad that everyone is safe and well.

Tragedies like this make you realize that it doesn't matter that my work day was terrible, I was running late all week or that I don't have time to fit in all of my random errands today.  
It makes you realize (hopefully more than you already do) that you are just happy to spend time with the people closest to you.....  and

Admit your Happy!

Here is what makes me Happy.....during August and every other Month:


Happy Wednesday everyone!  
And have a Happy Month!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Let's Make it Monday

Happy Monday
(I think... it's a little early to tell)!

So the Olympics Closing Ceremony was fantastic..  John Lennon singing 'Imagine' on the Jumbo Tron, music thru the years, the blow up Octopus with DJ inside and the SPICE GIRLS!!  I do have to say, they looked better than EVER, and a little nervous riding on top of the cars around the arena, HA.

Official Metal Counts of the 2012 London Olympics:

USA                                        104 
CHINA                                     88  
RUSSIA                                    82
UNITED KINGDOM               65
GERMANY                              44
JAPAN                                     38
AUSTRALIA                            35
FRANCE                                  34
SOUTH KOREA                      28
CANADA                                 18

All of the athletes were AMAZING!!  But I do have to say that the USA ROCKS!

Isn't this a fantastic photo?  I'm sure to be there would have been overwhelming!

And now, on with your regularly scheduled programming..............................

Let's Make it Monday
Baby Closet Re-Do

As I've mentioned before, I've kicked the Hubs out of his Hunting Room in our house and we're converting it in to the new Baby's room.  So I finally cleaned out the closet where he stored all of his muddy, dirty, full of leaves and twigs hunting clothes.... (boy stuff, gross).  

Here is a picture after it was almost empty:

Did I say GROSS?????  I don't think that we had EVER painted this closest!  

Any way... on to a better day.  

I finally painted, added the shelving (Which in an old house, is not easy.  Nothing is level!) and added in some cute little girl stuff.  We haven't hung the doors (because again, nothing is a standard size in an old house), but once they are cut we should have them on pretty quickly.

And here is the finished Baby Girl Closet:
So Colorful and ready for Baby!!!

Hope you enjoyed Let's Make it Monday! 
See you all soon!

Friday, August 10, 2012

What I Found Friday.

Finally FRIDAY!  Yahooo!

I'm sure if any of you out there in Blog Land are pregnant, you've seen the cute little Onesie Months Iron ons.  You Iron on the month number and then you can take a picture of your little cutie and you'll know exactly how old your little bundle is at that moment.

Here is a pic of what I'm talking about, in case I haven't explained well:
Thank you Martha
 Cute Idea, Right!?!

Well... for those of you who know me, know that I'm not going to pay for some iron on stickers when I can,

So here we go... my latest project.
Monthly Baby Onsies

I found some cute fabric and some plain Onsies.  Cut out 12 Circles (Gracie helped with this part):

Here are all 12 fabric rounds:

Then, I printed out numbers 1-12, pinned them to White Canvas and cut out each number:

Next, I sewed each number on to one of the fabric rounds that I had already cut:

Then, I took the fabric round, with the number on it, and sewed it to the front of the onesie:

And here is a picture of some finished onsies:

Can't wait to see Miss Addison in her 1st Month's Photo Shoot!

So that's what I've been working on...

Now I'm OFF to the CKC Charlotte Scrapbook Convention on Saturday!
Can't wait to take a couple classes and see all of the new stuff out in the Scrapbook World.  Hopefully I'll remember my camera and show you all some of the cool stuff that I find!

See you all next week!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

National Book Lovers Day

I know that I don't usually post on Thursday, BUT, today is 

National Book Lovers Day.

I just wanted to share what I have been reading, you know, other than all of the fabulous Blogs that I subscribe to.... 

Yes.... I am on that Bandwagon right now!!  

I'm on book three (Fifty Shades Freed) and love it.  
While we were camping the other week, I actually woke up before everyone and decided to read until they woke up.  
That's just NOT like me... I LOVE my sleep.

Any way, so what are you reading?  

Happy Thursday, see you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random Wednesday... Girl Scouts ; )

Happy Wednesday!  

My daughter is a Girl Scout Daisy (Daisy's are Kindergarten and First Graders), and our project for the month was for her to make cupcakes all by herself.

First off... Gracie LOVES to bake and help in the kitchen, so this was right down her alley.  However, she had to use a recipe (from a cute cookbook "Dora & Diego Let's Cook") and bake the cupcakes 

No Sweat.... I did help a little getting the ingredients together and then making sure that the batter was mixed thoroughly.  But other than putting them in and out of the oven... 
she did it, all by herself!!!

Here is Little Miss Chef with all of her Ingredients:

 Don't let her fool you.... she is soooo not reading the ingredients list.  
She told me to take this picture.  

Finally got to the Mixing Stage.... Her Favorite Part.

Almost ready for the oven... I can not guarantee that NO fingers were dipped or licked while filling the cupcake liners (that's the best part).

The Cupcakes were suppose to be decorated like Turtles.  Hmmm, you decide.

Here is one of the finished Turtles.

If anyone would like the recipe, just let me know.... since the cupcakes were from scratch there were just too many ingredients to list (I'm feeling lazy today).

However, the cupcake was actually VERY good, and they are made with Wheat Flour.  I'm thinking that that makes them better for you?  Or is that just a mental thing? 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random Wednesday... Scenes from my Weekend.

Wednesday Again... 

And the Olympics are underway.  
Unfortunately, I MISSED the Opening Ceremonies.  We decided to go camping last weekend and missed first two days of the Olympics.  But don't worry, I got back on track Sunday as I watched Women's Synchronized Diving, Michael Phelps swim a little and qualifying for the Women's Gymnastics.  
Let me say... I feel OLD and OUT OF SHAPE!  
These participants are true ATHLETES!!!  

On Tuesday Me, the Hubs and Gracie all sat down to watch the Men's Synchronized Diving.  
And, when the first pair got ready on the platform, all I heard was an 
from my 7 yr old.
She said, 'those sure are some small bathing suits, they look like panties'.   

So True Gracie, So True!

Here's what she was talking about:
Maybe this IS why I enjoy watching????  Hmmm???

Anyway, on to the Scenes from my Weekend.
As I said we spent the weekend Camping at 
Steele Creek Campground
in Morganton, NC.  
It's a great campground for kids:

There is a Water Slide (that's not too big or scary).
That's Gracie on the slide, and her friend Corrie in the water making sure she's out of the way.
 There is a Beach area with lots of sand where you can just relax and lounge in the cool freezing water.

There are even some spots in the Creek where the "Lighter" folks can tube without getting stuck on the rocks.

Beautiful Scenery Everywhere!!

And the kids can even get in a little fishing. 
Just minnows in the net.
All in all, it was a wonderful weekend!  HOT, but wonderful.

See you all on Friday!