Saturday, February 26, 2011

Orlando, FL

So I have found myself in Orlando Florida this weekend. My company participates in a Hardware and Tool trade show twice a year. While I've had the chance to visit a few cities that I have never been too, and a couple of times my husband has even tagged along, the actual trade shows are BBBBOOOORRRRIIIINNNNGGG. Long days and sore feet are what I get out of it most days. Here is a picture of the booth I am at:

Not very exciting.

But I have to say that this trip will be exciting soon! In less than an hour I will be headed back to the hotel where my husband and daugter are. We decided that this trip would be a family event. So today, while I was bored at the booth all day.... this is what my husband and daughter were up to:

So... We are off to SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. Fun Fun Fun!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, MOM!

Today is my Wonderful Mother's Birthday!

A Late Valentine's Post

So, this year, we decided to make all of Gracie's Valentine's for her Kindergarten Class. I cut out all of the butterflies, then Gracie loaded them up with stickers. I will say that she was very particular on what sticker went where. I'm not sure why, but I let her be the leader on this one. We used blow pops as the bodies, because they are Gracie's favorite. We just had to make sure that there was at least one left for her.
On Valentine's Day, when she brought her box home from school, she was so excited! I sat in the floor with her as she went thru each valentine and showed be what it was and who it was from (ya'll know, kindergarten valentines are big time important). She was just so cute. After we were done, with a little cockiness in her voice, she said "nobody else made their own valentines. Mine were different".

Happy Belated Valentines!