Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Father Daughter Dance

Gracie is a Daisy Girl Scout. And on March 19th, the Girl Scouts, in our area, hosted a father daughter dance. When we found out about the dance, Gracie was SO excited! When we came home from our meeting, she immediately found Scott, and asked him to go to the dance with her. How could he say no to that??
Skip forward a few weeks, to the big day... We had her dress out and she had already discussed, numerous times, how she wanted her hair and what shoes she was going to wear. When it came time to get Daddy ready, Gracie had to approve his outfit. I pulled out a couple of his shirt, which she snubbed her nose at, until she finally approved of a black button up that matched her dress. Yes, high maintenance already!
As they were walking out the door, of course, I made them pose for pictures!

Scott looks less than thrilled! But Gracie is happy to spend some Daddy Daughter time together. The dance went great. There was a picture taken there with a balloon arch background that we have yet to receive. And Gracie got a balloon and candy, and decorated a picture frame for their picture. So, all in all, they both had a wonderful time! And, as a wife and mother, my heart was full that night for the simple fact that my wonderfully manly husband, took our 6 yr old daughter on her first date.

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