Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy November!!

So where has this year gone??? Right?? And now it's the 15th of November and I'm gearing up for Christmas mode. UUGGHH!
This year had blown by, and I feel like I have lived 2011 by events. As soon as one event happens then I'm focused on the next event/trip/function/vacation. And I feel like I've lost out on the day to day. Again, UUGGHH!
Any way, I found this cute little post titled "12 days of Christmas (Kindness)" on the Little Lucy Lu blog: http://www.littlelucylu.com/2011/11/12-days-of-christmas-kindness.html, and thought how awesome this would be to really get into the Christmas SPIRIT! So, I'll post later my own little version of the 12 (or maybe 25) days of Christmas Kindness and post here...
You should do it too!!

Happy Holidays! Gobble Gobble!
Susan ;)

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