Saturday, February 26, 2011

Orlando, FL

So I have found myself in Orlando Florida this weekend. My company participates in a Hardware and Tool trade show twice a year. While I've had the chance to visit a few cities that I have never been too, and a couple of times my husband has even tagged along, the actual trade shows are BBBBOOOORRRRIIIINNNNGGG. Long days and sore feet are what I get out of it most days. Here is a picture of the booth I am at:

Not very exciting.

But I have to say that this trip will be exciting soon! In less than an hour I will be headed back to the hotel where my husband and daugter are. We decided that this trip would be a family event. So today, while I was bored at the booth all day.... this is what my husband and daughter were up to:

So... We are off to SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. Fun Fun Fun!

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