Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 is here...

A friend of mine told me that she just loves a new year. She said that when she opens that new calander and nothing is written on it, she just feels as though there are 365 days of Possibilities. And that she can't wait to see what this year has in store for her. I don't think that I've ever thought of a new year as, '365 Possibilities', but as simply 'more days'.

Well, it's time for my resolutions. Of course, there are the usuals:

Loose a little weight
Exercise a little more
Spend more time with the Family
Save more Money

But this year, inspired by my friend, I think I've decided to make a new Resolution:

To learn or experience at least one new thing a month.

I know, I know... 1 a month? May seem a little low. But, I'm sure there may be some months that I learn or experience more than 1 thing. This way I make sure that I reach my goal. So, I've listed the months below, and hopefully, I'll remember to update my post with what I learned.

January - I learned to value my family. My darling Grandmother passed away on the 17th. She was the politest and warmest little lady I've known. And even though there was a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease, it still catches you off guard.
Here are some words of wisdom that I can still hear Grandmaw Polly saying:
* Eating onions will make you pretty.
* Come and see me sometime!
* Only wear red on Valentines and Christmas, otherwise you just look like a street walker.

Feburary - I promise I did learn something new... it just don't remember! I guess I could say that I learned that I need to write more things down.

March - We may grow up and older... but our friendships never do! Together, we are still silly, and stupid. We still talk about boys (aka, our husbands), and complain about our hair and weight. But I would NEVER have it any other way! (This is for Allison, Rebecca & Melody, you are the best!)

April - I've always thought of myself as not having much of a 'motherly' instinct. Gracie's 6 now and I still sometimes forget to: order her food at a restaurant, to get her chocolate milk in the morning or forget that she needs shoes before going outside. However, this month, I learned that I TOTALLY have an instinct!! We have been having some very bad storms in the Southeast, with Tornadoes, which we never have. Well, I've always heard that a tornado sounds like a train. So a few weeks I awoke in the middle of the night, to what I thought sounded like a freight train. Instinct finally kicked in!!!! I jumped out of bed, not saying a word to my husband, and scooped up Gracie and went strait for the safest place in our house. Mom saves the day! However, there was no tornado... just VERY high winds. Regardless, I have a new respect for myself. I know that in a crazy moment, I will think of the kid 1st!

May - This month, I learned that after 8 years, my Husband can still surprise me! He planned a weekend away for us (during Mother's Day weekend, so he had to get some clearance from our Mothers first) and I had no idea where we were going. We went to a small little town in the NC Mountains, he had booked us a jacuzzi on the river and a couples massage. It was a wonderful, quiet weekend. PS.. he also brought along my Mothers Day gift from our Daughter and surprised me with that on Sunday morning. He did a great job!

June - I've learned that you have to make your own happiness... don't depend on others for your well being, just get out there and make YOUR everydays great! To many of us let others determine if our days are going to be good or bad, fun or boring... and why? Because we aren't doing it ourselves. Now, off to have a good day of fun! HA!

July - July is already here.. and almost gone! I'm posting a little early this time, because what I learned this month hit me right in the face.... "Never say Never". (maybe I'll elaborate more later... maybe not)
August - Summer is coming to an end.. we're now in September and there was a cold snap this weekend! Burrrr..60 degrees!! In August, I learned that I will NEVER become a nurse or a doctor! As my daughter's teeth become more loose my fists seem to tighten at the thought of one of them getting stuck in her gum and getting yanked from her mouth with blood flowing from her toothless grin. Ewwwww!
OK, so maybe it's not that bad. She actually lost her first tooth in July, while brushing her teeth, right after she had thrown up all over the bedroom, kitchen, laundry room and bathroom (yes, bad night). We didn't even know the tooth had come out until the next day. But now, the second tooth came out during the day, at the local cloth store, while we were getting some fabric cut. I thought my daughter, myself and the store employee were all going to vomit. And at the thought of blood, after I realized the tooth fell out, I became slightly queezy and had to hold on to the fabric table for a few minutes.
But we made it through... now on to the next tooth!
September -
October -
November -
December -

Now, go out and create your own Possibilities!

Happy New Year!

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