Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Random Wednesday.... Summer School

So, like every other GUNG HO Mom, as Summer Break was approaching I gathered worksheets, printed reward charts and organized (the dreaded) 
Summer School Chore Chart!

Yes..Yes.. it is dreaded by my 7 yr old.

She HATES to do work during the Summer, but I just don't want her to fall behind.  She is making the transition from 1st Grade to 2nd Grade, and I would LOVE if her reading skills on 2nd Grade Day 1, were the same as 1st Grade Last Day.  

That's not to much to ask.....  is it??  

So, I made all of these folders and put them up on the Fridge.   

See my Organization:

The Chart details exactly what is expected and the amount of MONEY, yes I said MONEY, she would receive at the end of the week when the tasks are complete.  The Books, she only had to read a few pages per WEEK.  Do ONE Language and Math sheet per week, then put the completed assignments in the Finished Work folder.  
THAT'S IT!!!  

Well, now you might ask "Has it been going well?  Has she been doing her Summer Work?" 

Here is what she has been doing:

Playing with a Smurf's Village App on my IPhone.

Now, after I breath a few times... I do have to say that there is a lot of reading that she has to do to get through challenges.  And, she has to calculate the hours until her crops will be ready to harvest (can't have them become ready while she's asleep or they will wither and die). Sorry, I'm in denial that I'm letting her do this.

So, after the Hubs talked me down (a few times) I've realized, she's having fun and she is getting a little math and reading in too.  I guess it could be worse.?.Right??...

Oh.. and she does go to the YMCA Summer Camp all day Monday thru Friday, so she's not with the Smurfs all day long, just in the afternoons.

Have a Happy Wednesday!

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