Friday, July 27, 2012

What I Found Friday.....


I hope that everyone has had a great week, and that you will have a FABULOUS weekend!

As everyone knows, I'm pregnant, and trying to pull together a Nursery.  I have evicted my Husband out of his hunting room and we are converting that room in to the Baby's room.  So I decided not to repaint the room (it's a 10 x 28 ft room, I think I can deal with the Hunter Green walls Just add some Pink to it).

Anyway, while cruising around the Internet I found a Baby Boy's Room on Pinterest:

How Fabulous is this!!!!  
I tried to follow the link to find out where they ordered this or if they painted themselves, but the link was no good.... So, off to my next favorite spot for purchasing.... EBAY!
And, WHALA!!  Here is my new Vinyl Tree that is being shipped via UPS as I type!

Isn't it cute???  I ordered Brown, and thought that I would put it right behind the Crib w/ Baby Nichols' initials in one of the Frames over the Crib.  
I hope it turns out.... I'll keep you guys posted.

Hey... don't forget that today is the Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics in London.  
I can't wait!  I Love the Olympics.

Enjoy your Olympics filled Weekend!

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