Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random Wednesday... Swelling

That's all I can say today!  

It's VERY warm in North Carolina and the Humidity will make you sweat just thinking about going outside!  And of course, due to the temperatures outside and being pregnant, I am SWELLING like the hot air blimp on Super Bowl Sunday!

My rings have gotten tighter on my fingers, my feet feel like heavy stubs of chub and when I look in the mirror, it looks like my face is twice the size it use to be.....   (sorry, just give me my 10 minutes to whine).

 OK... here is the before Picture, 1st thing it the morning.  Actually my left foot looks like it has already started to swell a little..
PS.. I hate feet!  Mine and other peoples.
And here is a Picture after I get home in the afternoons:
Lov'in the 4th of July toes, Right!


If anyone knows a great trick to reduce the swelling, it would be appreciated!  
Now I'm off to find a cool spot and put my feet up!

Happy Wednesday everyone! ; )

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