Monday, August 13, 2012

Let's Make it Monday

Happy Monday
(I think... it's a little early to tell)!

So the Olympics Closing Ceremony was fantastic..  John Lennon singing 'Imagine' on the Jumbo Tron, music thru the years, the blow up Octopus with DJ inside and the SPICE GIRLS!!  I do have to say, they looked better than EVER, and a little nervous riding on top of the cars around the arena, HA.

Official Metal Counts of the 2012 London Olympics:

USA                                        104 
CHINA                                     88  
RUSSIA                                    82
UNITED KINGDOM               65
GERMANY                              44
JAPAN                                     38
AUSTRALIA                            35
FRANCE                                  34
SOUTH KOREA                      28
CANADA                                 18

All of the athletes were AMAZING!!  But I do have to say that the USA ROCKS!

Isn't this a fantastic photo?  I'm sure to be there would have been overwhelming!

And now, on with your regularly scheduled programming..............................

Let's Make it Monday
Baby Closet Re-Do

As I've mentioned before, I've kicked the Hubs out of his Hunting Room in our house and we're converting it in to the new Baby's room.  So I finally cleaned out the closet where he stored all of his muddy, dirty, full of leaves and twigs hunting clothes.... (boy stuff, gross).  

Here is a picture after it was almost empty:

Did I say GROSS?????  I don't think that we had EVER painted this closest!  

Any way... on to a better day.  

I finally painted, added the shelving (Which in an old house, is not easy.  Nothing is level!) and added in some cute little girl stuff.  We haven't hung the doors (because again, nothing is a standard size in an old house), but once they are cut we should have them on pretty quickly.

And here is the finished Baby Girl Closet:
So Colorful and ready for Baby!!!

Hope you enjoyed Let's Make it Monday! 
See you all soon!

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