Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's Make It Monday...... Baby Closet Sizers

Wow.. what a crazy week it's been 
(oops, sorry Last Week was the crazy week)

Lots going on and NO blog posts  : (
Maybe I'll try to make up for it this week.

Now ON to Let's Make it Monday!

I've looked and looked for Closet Sizers for the baby's closet, but could not find them anywhere.  And of course, the Hubs said to just take one each time I buy the baby something, and that I would have enough in about a week or so....  

HA!  Not funny!!!  No stealing for Preggers!!!

So, of course, I decided to make them.  
Why Buy when you can Make!  
And I will say that they turned out pretty good. (My Mom liked them too, but I think she's partial)

Here is my finished Sizers:
Pretty Cute... Huh!

They weren't hard to make, and I used my Scrapbook Supplies, so the cost was minimal.  
Wanna see how I made them?  
Here ya go:

First, I used my Cricut to Cut out a Tag Shape.

Next, I used my High Tech ruler and water bottle lid to make my cut out lines for the hole and opening.

Next, I cut out the Hole and Opening:

I had these cute little number stickers, I probably could have done more Sizers, but I thought this would be enough:

I took the sizers to Office Depot and had them laminated, not very costly:

And After Cutting them out of the Laminate Sheets, here are the finished product:

Pretty Great, and will be very handy when looking for the right size...

Happy Monday, thanks for stopping by!

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