Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random Wednesday... Scenes from my Weekend.

Wednesday Again... 

And the Olympics are underway.  
Unfortunately, I MISSED the Opening Ceremonies.  We decided to go camping last weekend and missed first two days of the Olympics.  But don't worry, I got back on track Sunday as I watched Women's Synchronized Diving, Michael Phelps swim a little and qualifying for the Women's Gymnastics.  
Let me say... I feel OLD and OUT OF SHAPE!  
These participants are true ATHLETES!!!  

On Tuesday Me, the Hubs and Gracie all sat down to watch the Men's Synchronized Diving.  
And, when the first pair got ready on the platform, all I heard was an 
from my 7 yr old.
She said, 'those sure are some small bathing suits, they look like panties'.   

So True Gracie, So True!

Here's what she was talking about:
Maybe this IS why I enjoy watching????  Hmmm???

Anyway, on to the Scenes from my Weekend.
As I said we spent the weekend Camping at 
Steele Creek Campground
in Morganton, NC.  
It's a great campground for kids:

There is a Water Slide (that's not too big or scary).
That's Gracie on the slide, and her friend Corrie in the water making sure she's out of the way.
 There is a Beach area with lots of sand where you can just relax and lounge in the cool freezing water.

There are even some spots in the Creek where the "Lighter" folks can tube without getting stuck on the rocks.

Beautiful Scenery Everywhere!!

And the kids can even get in a little fishing. 
Just minnows in the net.
All in all, it was a wonderful weekend!  HOT, but wonderful.

See you all on Friday!

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