Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random Wednesday... Are U Happy?

Yes... I'm sure you know....

August is National
'Admit Your Happy Month'

Come on everyone.... you can do it!!!  Repeat after me, ' I am Happy, I am Happy'. 
Good!  Now don't you feel better!  ; )

As for me...  I am VERY Happy!

Recently, a friend of my In-laws had a tragedy happen to their family.  And even though I didn't know them personally, my heart just broke for them.  And selfishly, as we all do, I looked to my own family and thought... I'm so glad that everyone is safe and well.

Tragedies like this make you realize that it doesn't matter that my work day was terrible, I was running late all week or that I don't have time to fit in all of my random errands today.  
It makes you realize (hopefully more than you already do) that you are just happy to spend time with the people closest to you.....  and

Admit your Happy!

Here is what makes me Happy.....during August and every other Month:


Happy Wednesday everyone!  
And have a Happy Month!

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