Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random Wednesday... Girl Scouts ; )

Happy Wednesday!  

My daughter is a Girl Scout Daisy (Daisy's are Kindergarten and First Graders), and our project for the month was for her to make cupcakes all by herself.

First off... Gracie LOVES to bake and help in the kitchen, so this was right down her alley.  However, she had to use a recipe (from a cute cookbook "Dora & Diego Let's Cook") and bake the cupcakes 

No Sweat.... I did help a little getting the ingredients together and then making sure that the batter was mixed thoroughly.  But other than putting them in and out of the oven... 
she did it, all by herself!!!

Here is Little Miss Chef with all of her Ingredients:

 Don't let her fool you.... she is soooo not reading the ingredients list.  
She told me to take this picture.  

Finally got to the Mixing Stage.... Her Favorite Part.

Almost ready for the oven... I can not guarantee that NO fingers were dipped or licked while filling the cupcake liners (that's the best part).

The Cupcakes were suppose to be decorated like Turtles.  Hmmm, you decide.

Here is one of the finished Turtles.

If anyone would like the recipe, just let me know.... since the cupcakes were from scratch there were just too many ingredients to list (I'm feeling lazy today).

However, the cupcake was actually VERY good, and they are made with Wheat Flour.  I'm thinking that that makes them better for you?  Or is that just a mental thing? 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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