Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's Make It Monday... Bookshelf Re-Do

Bookshelf Fabric Makeover

So my Mom and I are trying to fix up an old house (I stress the OLD in old house).  We are no where near almost finished with one room... well, enough so that we can start renovating furniture in it..

My project this past weekend was to do something with the bookshelf that is actually made in to the wall.
Here's a picture of it:
Sorry it's pretty rough....  you can see were the wall on the next to last shelf is cracked and sticking out.  And the wall around the bookshelf is pretty rough.. we're still working on that, my job was JUST the bookshelf.

So I decided to use some pieces of cardboard and cover with fabric that I got with the 40% off Coupon at Hobby Lobby (love the 40% coupon).  It was pretty easy, and turned out pretty good.  
This is the Fabric from Hobby Lobby... Fabulous, Right!!
 The hardest part of this whole project was cutting the cardboard and it fitting the the bookshelf opening.

I used Elmer's Spray Adhesive to adhere the fabric to the cardboard.  This was easy and fast! 

Sprayed and folded in the corners... and

 Viola!  A covered piece of Cardboard.  (sorry, I probably should have rotated the picture)

And here is the finished product...
A fabric covered Bookshelf, and if I get tired of the fabric, I can pull out the pieces and recover.
The wall still needs a little work, but we'll get too it.
Thanks for checking out What I made Monday!
Talk to you soon,

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