Friday, June 1, 2012

What I Found Friday.. A little Peace & Quiet

Ahhhhhhh, The Great Outdoors are Calling!  

We are off today and on our way to the NC Mountains for a short Camping Trip.  
Yes, the weathermen are reporting on big storms in our area today & this afternoon... but we are braving the elements and heading for the hills!  
Aren't we CRAZY Rugged Outdoorsmen!  
Anyway, Saturday and Sunday are suppose to be beautiful, so off we go.  While I'm gone I thought that I would share some of the pics I took a couple of weeks ago during our 1st camping trip of the year.  Yes, we waited until May to go, but I am NOT a cold weather camper, I needed some warm weather!
This is Chimney Rock.  And yes.. we climbed all the way up to the flag.  Stairs the whole way.  

This is 'Us', half way to the top (after I took a short break to catch my breath).

At the top!  Doesn't Gracie look like she could just fall off the edge... not really, she is standing on a rock.  But I didn't think that the railing looked like it could hold much up.  Just say'in.

My 4 month baby belly at the top of Chimney Rock!  (I look like I'm in pain)

We did finally make it back down the mountain and back to the Creekside Campground in Bat Cave, NC.
This is where Gracie spent most of her time... in the Creek!

We had a great time.  The campground was very quiet and not a lot of people were there.  Which made for a great camping trip.  I'll let you know how this weekend goes later.

Have a Wonderful Weekend everyone.

Talk to you soon,

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