Friday, June 22, 2012

What I Found Friday... Names ; )

Happy Friday!

Our Beach Countdown has begun.. 
Only 8 more days and I will have my SWOLLEN, UNTANNED, Nugget-like toes in the warm (and hopefully) wet sand of Holden Beach!
But before the relaxation can happen, we have to Pack, Pack and did I say Pack?  That is on my Weekend to-do list.  We are going to try to pull off the 1st annual Beach Olympics.  In honor of the Summer Olympics coming up.  I still have to figure out what events will be happening....

So on to What I Found Friday.
I have no pictures to post today; but instead, a favor.  My husband and I are caught between two names for this new member of our family that will be here in a few short months.  
And DON'T tell him, but I'm looking for some help with the name.  We are stuck between two names:


We also liked Ella Cheyenne Nichols, but I just didn't think Ella Nichols flowed well.  Not to mention, my Husband keeps throwing in Matilda to with every name (not sure if he is kidding or not). 

How we managed to like two names with the exact same initials is beyond me, but we keep going back to these two.. so let me know what you think!

Talk to you soon!


  1. Both names are beautiful but Ioooove Addison Leigh!

  2. Ok,this is so weird...I just stumbled across your blog randomly from a linky party. We are having a baby too..due aug 24, and our top favorite name right now is Addison! But what really makes it strange is that our last name is nichols! No joke! I was so shocked when I read your post I had to show my husband. I actually really like Ava too, but we have a friend's daughter named that. (our middle name is grace though). Just had to share! So, needless to say, I like both your name choices. I'm glad toread someone else thinks it a good name. :)

    1. Wow... how weird is that! Well first off, congrats on your upcoming new addition. We like Grace too, However, that is our oldest daughters name, actually Gracie. So we decided to stay away from Grace as a middle name on the 2nd kid.
      Thanks for the input... too funny!