Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random Wednesday.... Camping via Instagram

Happy Wednesday everyone!

So I'm sure that you've all heard of Instagram, right?  
It is a fabulous app for your smartphone that allows you to take photos with your phone and then instantly add filters to change the look of the photo, and then you can post to facebook or email.
Pretty Cool, huh?

So, we went camping this past weekend at the KOA East Asheville (NC) campground.  This was our first time at this particular campground.  It was nice.. lots to do, and we had a great spot right next to the noisy pool.  
I did take my Canon Rebel on the camping trip, but I decided to give it a vacation and try using Instagram instead.

Here are some of the pictures that I took of our weekend camping adventure:
This is the original picture.
Here is the Picture after adding a Instagram filter.  I love the old timey look and feel it gives.

These are a couple of regular phone pictures.. I didn't have time to add filters while I was taking the pics.
All three of the kids (my niece Jordyn, husband Scott and daughter Gracie) were fascinated by the lake.  There were thousands of Lilly Pads.

Jordyn and Gracie are always up for a pose.  

Now back to some Instagram comparison Pics: 
Here is a family of ducks that made their way into our Campsite every day to check on us.
After an Instagram filter.

 Here is my favorite picture of the weekend.  Scott went Trout fishing one day, and the girls wanted to go and find him... so off we go on our bikes.  And here he is fishing away.  
Original Camera Photo.
Here is the Instagram'd photo.  The picture now looks like it's 50 years old.  I love how it turned out.

Well that is it for our Camping with Instagram trip. 
Hope that you enjoyed the pictures and go get the Instagram App, it FREE!

Talk to you soon,

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