Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Iron Craft Challenge #1 Cotton - Reveal

If you haven't heard yet... the crafty folks over at Just Crafty Enough have started the 

I just love the logo:
"Are you crafty enough?"   Oh...they were calling me out!  HA!
 The first challenge was 'COTTON'.  Easy enough... right?  Well, since Valentines Day is coming up (sooner than you think), I decided to make Valentines T-Shirts for the Girls. 
(it feels so good to be crafty again)

Gracie, hamming it up for the camera in her NEW shirt.

I found the t-shirt for Gracie and a onesie for Addison (both around $5 ea), then found some cute fabric at Wal-Mart for only $.97.  So, my total for this 2 shirt project was only about $11.  

Crafty & Thrifty... two of my favorite words!

Here's some pics of my project in process:
Bonus....  The t'shirt for Gracie came with a Box Top for School.  I've never seen this before.

This is the Fabric with one of the shirts:

First, I pinned the Pattern Fabric to the back side of the shirts, print side up.

I had printed out letters from my computer, just pinned them to the front of the shirt (over top of where the pattern fabric was pinned), then sewed along the edges of each letter.

 I actually didn't use to 'O' in LOVE, I used a Heart shape.  After sewing all of the letters and the Heart shape, I just pulled off the paper stencil I was using.

I then turned the shirt inside out and trimmed around down the Pattern Fabric, so there wouldn't be so much extra on the inside... 

Last, I cut out the opening of each of the Letters and the Heart, revealing the Pattern Fabric behind.

And here are the finished T-shirt and Onesie:
Had to take the Pictures separately, because the little one went to sleep before her Big Sister got home.

She ALWAYS makes me Smile ; )
Thanks for taking a look at my first Iron Craft Challenge.  There is a new challenge every other week.. .so check back, I'll be adding more projects!

Talk to ya'll soon,


  1. Great technique. Thanks for the step by step instructions.

  2. I've just gotten into reverse applique and hopefully will be able to get to be this good.