Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This Week... in PRE-Review

PRE - Review???
Not sure that's ...... Valid English......

Anyway, here is a glimpse into my Week:

Something I Made:  
Sandy's Chicken Parmesan from
It looked & smelled soooo yummy in the Oven!  And tasted pretty good..  Gracie liked it and ate it for two days!  Which is HUGE for my kid! 

Here are the ingredients, I had everything on hand (which is FABULOUS).  And it's made with Ritz Crackers, so it's less calories and FAT! YEAH!

 This is the Chicken, all coated up and ready for the Oven.  

Now for what I'll be working on Later this Week:
I was SO EXCITED to wander in to Michael's and see that Paint, Foam Brushes, Wood Frames and Heart Shaped Rocks were all on SALE....  and right in the front door area!!!  
Do ya know what that means??
A FABULOUS Valentines Gift craft!

I'll update you later on my progress.  
I think Gracie (my 'Craft Corner Blog Assistant') may actually do this Craft.  
She loves to make it on the Blog.

What my Hubs is up to:

This is from a couple weeks ago... the Hubs has discovered Duck Hunting!  
He's always enjoyed Deer Hunting and of course Fishing, but now he has taken on the DUCKS!
Watch out Daffy and Donald!
The Dog, Reese, belongs to a friend of ours.  Isn't she too cute in her work vest!

SO, it's a GIRLS WEEKEND for Me, Gracie and Addison this week.  Hopefully I'll be able to finish up some projects that I've been working on and post next week!

Talk to ya'll later,

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