Friday, January 4, 2013

What I Found Friday...

Welcome Back!
It's the first official 'What I Found Friday' of the New Year... and I've found A LOT!!

I've been Blog Stalking and Pinning away, all of the goodies that I want to create and duplicate this year.  Here are a few of my favs that I'll be working on first:

YUMMY   ; )
This Strawberry Cream Cheese Vanilla cake from Perry's Plate will be one of my 1st creations of the new year.   Doesn't it make you want to scratch-n-sniff the computer screen!!  
Where is Rachel Ray's Smell-o-Vision when you need it??

New to me this year is Just Crafty Enough's Iron Craft Challenge.   
Every other week the great minds at Just Crafty Enough will post a Craft Challenge based on a Theme, Crafting Material, or Technique.  You have two weeks to come up with your creation.
I thought that this would be interesting and hopefully challenge ME a little.  If you are interested in joining the Challenge, click here for all of the details, and let me know if you sign up...  
PS.. the first challenge has begun!

Here is a Scrapbooking Organizational project that I want to complete:
It should be fairly simple.  Just a Paper Towel Holder, Clear folders and Binder Rings.... we'll see... I found this great idea on Pinterest via

I'm not sure if I've posted these cute frames or not, but they would look GREAT in my Kitchen!
I've picked up the frames at Michaels, so now all I have to do is finish the project.  Easy Enough!  
I spotted this on Homespun With Love.

So there are my first projects for 2013... 
what are you working on in the New Year??

Talk to you soon!

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