Monday, January 14, 2013

Let's Make It Monday.. Monthly Onesie Update

Addison is 3 Months Old  ;  )

WOW.. It has really flown by, considering during those three months we had:
New Years
6 Birthdays
Hubs with the Flu
Me with a Stomach Virus
And two mice in the house! (Yikes)

But... Addison made it thru the tough and hectic moments.  What a trooper!  
You gotta be born strong in the Nichols house.  HA!

Here is our little cutie:
Sorry, it's a pic of a pic.  

If the 3 month onesie looks familiar.. It's from a 'What I Found Friday' post from last year.  
Check it out to see how I made these cute onesies for every month.

Talk to ya'll soon!

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