Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Iron Craft Challenge #2 Orange - Reveal

It's time... to REVEAL!!!

The 2nd Iron Craft Challenge was Orange.  
I didn't post a teaser last week, because I just couldn't think of anything crafty that would be Orange = (
I guess because we are in full on Valentine's mode at our house... 
it's Pink and Red everywhere.

After a trip to Hobby Lobby to look for Orange, I finally found it:
WOW!!  RIGHT!!!  
I LOVE Burlap!  So what better choice than Burnt Orange Burlap!

I've been wanting to make another wreath out of Burlap, so I thought that this would give me the Perfect Opportunity! 

So let's get to it! 
I used approx 2 yards of Fabric, and cut 4.5 x 4.5 squares.

I folded the square in half (diagonally).

 Then, folded in half, again.

 I then folded up the little pointed end slightly and poked one leg of a U pin through it.

 I was running a little short on U pins, so I actually used two Burlap squares on 1 U pin.  Just stuck 1 folded square on each leg of the pin.

 Then I stuck the pin into my Straw Wreath.

Then I repeated the same step and to make a row of three.  One pin in the center, one pin towards the center of the wreath and one pin towards the outside of the wreath.  Here is one completed row.

Then I kept working until I had finished the entire wreath.  

OK.... there's one little secret.....  
I ran out of Burlap.  
I probably needed another 1/8 of a yard.
Look REAL close to the bottom..... look a little flat?  
YES.  About 4-5 pins are missing.  HA!

Oh yeah.. here's what Addison worked on while I was covered in Burlap scraps:

A good nap ; )

For the 'N', I had picked up one of those cheapie letters while I was at Hobby Lobby and covered it with a sheet of moss.  I think I found the Moss at the $ Store.    

Here's a close up at my 'N':

And that is my Orange Burlap Wreath!!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial....  have a wonderful Tuesday!

Talk to ya'll soon!

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  1. Thanks for showing how it's done! I'm totally making one of these.