Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Wednesday... Our Garden is Growing!

My Father-In-Law LOVES to grow a garden every year.  
So, around Easter each year, he and my husband begin plowing and planting our new garden.  It's quite large (I think, but I don't farm and know relatively nothing about farming except 'pick it and eat it').
However, I did venture out on my own the other day (on the golf cart, of course) to explore the garden and check out how close we were to 'pick it and eat it' time.  

I'm pregnant and ready for fresh veggies!  

Here are just a few pictures of what I found:

Everything is growing and such a pretty color of green.  We've had some good rain this year, and with some warm sunny days I think that our garden will out grow the weeds!

This row is our Squash and Zucchini......Mmmmm, can you smell the Zucchini bread baking?  I sure can.  I see a yellow bloom on this plant.

Now, I'm not the expert, but I do believe that this is one of our Cucumber plants.  I didn't see any Cucumbers, but there are a ton of blooms.  Ready for my Salad soon!

I checked on our Blueberry bushes and they have lots and lots of Blueberries growing.  I'm just waiting for them to ripen up.  Then it's time for Blueberry Jam, Blueberry Pancakes, Blueberry Cobbler, Frozen Blueberries and we may even try Blueberry Ice Cream.

I'll post some of my Recipes when the Blueberries are ready ; )

I think I'm just hungry!

Talk to you soon,

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