Wednesday, May 9, 2012

EARTH DAY 2012 - Random Wednesday

If you didn't already know, Earth Day was the 22nd of April... Yeah Earth!  
Our local museum, the Schiele Museum, has an Earth Day celebration every year and Gracie absolutely LOVES to go!!!  I will admit, it is pretty interesting!  This year we got to watch someone shear a sheep and we touched a LIVE alligator!  Wow! Now that just ain't the things that we normally do around here!  HA!  

Any way.. I thought that I would share some of the pictures from our Earth Day.  

1st we headed to Lowe's Home Improvement for their FREE Build and Grow Kids Clinic.  This was the first clinic that we've ever done, and Gracie loved it!!  She made this cute little Terrarium all by herself using a hammer and nails.  
She was very proud of her work and earned a Patch to put on her Lowe's apron.

Next it was off to the Schiele Museum for some Earth Day fun...
Gracie made a Panda Mask.

She made a CUTE bracelet out of flowers and  tape.

Played some Bongos!

Gracie and a sheep.  He had already been sheared.

Poor little guy... but we did find out that for hygienic reasons they have to be cut once a year.

He doesn't look too happy..

And that sums up our adventurous Earth Day activities....  Now, if we could just get everyone to go GREEN!

See ya soon!

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