Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random Wednesday.. I Forgot Mother's Day!!

Holy Moly!
I totally forgot to share my pics from Mother's Day!

I really enjoyed Mother's Day this year. On Saturday, Gracie and I took my Mom to the Stowe Botanical Gardens.  It is so beautiful!  However in April, not everything is in bloom, but what we saw was wonderful.  Here are a couple pictures from the Gardens:
My wonderful Mother, Debbie, and Gracie.

Me, Mom & Gracie

This was taken in the Gardens looking at the main Building.
This was Gracie's favorite part.. the shooting water.
After the Botanical Gardens we visited a craft fair, then we had lunch on the water at Boardwalk Billy's.  It was a beautiful Saturday to spend with two of my favorite people!

Then on Sunday, we got together with my Husband's family and had lunch and LOTS of Desserts!!!  Yummy!  
My husband with his Mother, Donna.
Gracie with Maw Maw Donna.  How Sweet!
Me with my sweet Gracie!

Happy LATE Mother's Day to everyone.
I hope you all had wonderful days with the women that you love.

Talk to you soon!

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