Monday, May 21, 2012

What I Made Monday... Dresser Upcycle

Hello all and Happy Monday!
If you remember, a few weeks ago, I posted this picture of a dresser converted in to a changing table:

I just loved the thought of having all of the drawers underneath to put things in and the baskets to hold everything you need for a new baby..  not to mention when you are my height 5'10"ish, a high dresser is great on the old back!  
So... I confiscated my husband old dresser from his parents house and got to work.  Here  is a picture of the before:
Minus a few drawers and the mirror on top.

So, I found a soft flat off white paint on the clearance rack at Home Depot and thought that this dresser/changing table would look great painted.  Here it is after being sanded, you can see all of the years of abuse the top took from my husband growing up:

After a good coat of Kilz and two coats of paint, it got better... I actually think that my husband was impressed with the finished product (I know I was).

I sanded the edges to give it a weathered look:

And sprayed the handles with an antique spray paint, so that they would match the baskets.

I think the changing table is now ready for the newest Nichols.  She'll be here soon!

Did I mention that we are converting my husband's hunting room in to the baby's room?  That explains the deer antler lamp in a baby girls room.  

Now off to my next projects:  changing pad covers (in pink of course), and a pressed wood armoire that will be painted the same color as the changing table.

Have a wonderful Monday!  
Talk to you soon!

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