Friday, May 18, 2012

What I found Friday.. BABY STUFF!!

Happy Friday!

I KNOW I'm going to totally overwhelm everyone with baby girl stuff that I've found online, now that we know what we are having......all I can say is SORRY! 

So here goes:  I found a couple of awesome websites that give tutorials (or direct you to them) on how to sew your own baby stuff.  I'm pretty Cheap Thrifty when it comes to buying new items.  Especially when you have to buy a lot of stuff at one time.  I just hate to pay full retail, or buy over priced items just because they are cute.  And then you only use them a short time, and when you're done... they still look brand new! Uggggg!

So, I'm on to my newest project...we'll call it....  Wait for it......

(ha, it sounds like a contest.  trust me, it's not, I would lose.)

So here are a few items that I've found that are on my 'Sewing for Baby' list:
How functional is this?  And, it didn't look TO difficult.

I'm not sure that I think it's awesome just because of how useful it is, or the cool black and white fabric that they used....?

Made from an old t-shirt.. this is fantastic!  I can totally see our sweet, new baby girl in a Save the Ta Ta's onesie.  That would be Baby Fabulous! (I just felt my husband roll his eyes!)

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED burp cloths when my first daughter was born!  And not just to clean up baby messes... they were great for: spilled drinks, wiping hands and in a pinch, one good swipe across the TV stand before guests walk in the house!

So, those are the first 'Sewing for Baby' projects on my list.  Now that we know were having a Girl, I can pick out all of the fantastic Pink fabric that I want.
I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Have a wonderful Friday, and Weekend!
PS... today, 5/18, is visit your relatives day.  I think I'll visit with mine this weekend.  Good luck!

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