Friday, May 4, 2012

What I Found Friday.

Welcome to my first 'What I Found Friday'!

I'm super excited about all of the goodies that I've been finding on the Wild Wild Web!  Recently, I've been consumed by all of the furniture up-cycling that I've been seeing on some of the blogs that I follow, as well as Pinterest.  I just can't seem to get enough of the before and afters.  These ladies are truly creative visionaries.
So, now I would like to share with you some of the ideas that I've found, and am in process of creating my own version:

I found this cute little chandelier turned cake/cupcake holder at

Cute Huh!!
I just picked up a $3 chandelier and some little wood rounds for the small holders.  Still working on putting it all together.  I'll reveal my creation as soon as it's complete.

I've also noticed dressers turned into changing tables for a baby, here are a couple:

Found this one on Pinterest.  Too cute, and in a Closet!

This is from, via Pintrest.  I really like this one!

The dresser transformation is my next Project!  I've actually started on this... I have my husbands dresser from when he was younger and since we've been married (9 yrs next week) we have never used it......soooo...... it was confiscated for the cause!  The Baby Cause that is!  Again.. once I've finished, I'll post the entire process.

And that concludes my first 'What I Found Friday'.  Like I said, I get most of my ideas from Pinterest, it's addictive!

Thanks for stopping by!

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